Simple and fresh Traditional Gourmet Italian cooking classes
We will continue to have modular classes and will offer specialty classes that are exciting "old world" Italian favorites; traditional Italian cooking - Simple and Fresh.

Our Regular Modular Classes

Artisan Italian Bread - You will work with us learning to make the Artisan Italian bread just as they do in Italy . You will bring a loaf home to share with family.You will also prepare our family recipe of Stuffed Bread Ring that is so delicious it will become a regular on your menu. You will also make fresh pizza dough. Finally, a fantastic Artisan Foccaccia that we will make Panini sandwiches.

Traditional Classic Meat Sauce with brasola and meatballs. Start from scratch and prepare our special slow cook meat sauce. Once done, try a dish of pasta with your special sauce.

Fresh Pasta - Make our traditional home-made pasta. You prepare the dough and produce different shaped pasta. Once made, you will make 3 specialty sauces to try with your pasta.

Fresh Ravioli - You will prepare the dough and make 2 different fillings then produce your own style of Ravioli.

Four-Course Trattoria Dinner - Preparation of a four course dinner from antipasto to dessert. The main entree will vary between Italian favorites such as: Veal Milanese, Lamb Arrosto with Italian Sausage, etc.

Italian Day! - A Day of Cooking - starting with a trip to the outdoor market to buy fresh vegetables than back to our kitchen to prepare a traditional Italian Meal.

Italian Bolognese Pasticchio (Lasagna) - This class will prepare fresh sheet pasta and make an Italian Bolognese sauce as well as a Besiamele sauce. With these you will build a delicious Bolognase Pasticchio, as Lasagna is know as in Italy.

Christmas Cookies - These are a staple of every families Christmas Season. This class shows you how to make several Italian Christmas cookies, including Coconut Macaroons that were a favorite of our family.

Stuffed Pastas - The stuffed pasta class will have the students prepare: Canaloni, Ravioli, Tortalini and our special Stuffed Rigatoni

PASTA PASTA PASTA! - There are over 400 shapes of pasta in Italy. We saw most of them on our last trip there. We will make traditional regional pasta with their sauces. Some of the pasta: Pici Pasta Strattatelli (Priest Strangler), Parparadelli, Gnocchi too. The sauces for Pici is a Tuscan fresh tomato sauce with pepperoncino (hot peppers) Tomato Basil, for the Strattatella a Hardy Ragu for the parpadelli, and a Butter sage for the Gnocchi

Vega Vegan - Many people today are following this Vegan Life-style. The Italian diet is similar in many ways to that life-style too! Growing up Italian , We ate mostly Vegetables. We were poor so we lived off the land. We did have chickens and Eggs. My book Simple & Fresh includes mostly vegetable dishes because that is what we ate. This class will explore many variations of those Vegetarian Dishes so that you can experience the Italian Vegan Life-style

Italian Excursion - This class includes several of the new recipes we learned in Italy on our last trip. Hope you can join us and experience the wonderful new recipes we discovered in Italy!

Regional Classes - From time to time, we will offer our special regional classes. Each one will focus on one of the major regions of Italy - Romagna, Campania, Tuscany, Lombardy, Apulia, Liguria, Naples, and Sicily. These classes will cover both the food and the history of the region being covered.

Class Details

The class size at the school allows a minimum of 3 and a maximum of  6 participants.

Our cooking school offers encapsulated one day courses. Each class is complete as offered. You may sign up to take several courses or attend just one. We do offer a special discount for the students who sign up for a series of classes.

Each class is a total "hands on" experience. You will participate in the planning and preparation of each class instruction. We conduct classes during the week - evenings from 6:00 PM to 9:30 PM and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, or as shown on the class schedule page.


We offer private classes in your home for your group. These private classes can also be used as fund raisers for your groups. Call for rates and class sizes.

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Simple & Fresh Gourmet Italian Cooking Classes